The Face Behind The Brand

Alisha Thorbourne, a native of Brooklyn and proud Jamaican-American, grew up immersed in her cultural heritage, instilling in her a profound appreciation for diversity. This background has significantly influenced both her personal life and professional journey, guiding her toward a career in social work dedicated to supporting underserved and marginalized communities. Witnessing the adverse impacts of systemic inequality on people of color firsthand fueled her commitment to social justice.

Drawing strength from her Jamaican roots, Alisha embraces values of community, resilience, and resourcefulness, which serve as the cornerstone of her social work. Her fervor lies in assisting individuals and families in realizing their full potential while advocating for a more just and equal society.

Venturing into a new frontier, Alisha has undertaken the challenge of establishing a business focused on natural hair and skin care, catering to a variety of needs. She acknowledges that self-care goes beyond external beauty, viewing it as an expression of self-love, cultural pride, and a means to foster inclusivity in the beauty industry. Merging her social work expertise with her profound connection to her roots, Alisha founded Coiled by Definition. Her goal is to instill confidence and celebrate the diverse beauty found in different hair and skin types, contributing to a transformative shift in the beauty industry, one radiant coil and complexion at a time.